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Lawn Maintenance

“Are you tired of spending hours mowing and trimming your lawn every weekend?”


Mowing and trimming a small yard (under 500 square feet) is a fairly easy thing to do.

But if you have a larger yard…even with a riding mower, it can take you at least an hour or more to get everything cut and trimmed the way you want.

And if you have a yard or field that is 1/2 acre or more or one that is on a slope….you are going to need some professional help sooner or later.

This is where Natural Timber Lawn Care can help you.

“Take back your free time & enjoy your yard again!”


“Professional Lawn Mowing & Maintenance  Services for Large Residential Yards & Commercial Property Owners”


Let us take care of your large yard, field or commercial property. We offer a complete line of affordable lawn care and yard maintenance services that can fit just about any budget.

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What They Don’t Tell You About Mowing & Keeping Up a BIG Yard

Asheville Lawn Care

  • It’s more time consuming than you think.
  • It’s not enough to hit it every week or so. You have to be consistent.
  • Keeping a lawn green and healthy requires more than just mowing.
  • You’d better be fairly knowledgeable about lawns and landscaping.
  • A poorly tended lawn can negatively affect your home’s curb appeal and lower your resale values.

If you’d rather relax and recover on your weekends, instead of having to do another full-time job, you should consider hiring a reliable and experienced lawn care service like Natural Timber Lawn Care to help you.

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Need Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Help?

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Landscapes are living things…

…And without proper care and consistent maintenance…over time your lawn and yard just might get away from you.

But even the best tended lawn or garden will eventually need special care from a skilled professional:

  • We can help you remove excessive tree growth – that happens naturally over time.
  • We can help prevent your yard from becoming too shady and keep your lawn from becoming too compacted.
  • We can remove and clear away leaves, fallen branches and prune your trees and shrubs.
  • Or if you are finally tired of that old play-set, we can remove it for you and replace the spotty grass underneath it.

“Keep Your Lawns Flawless & Your Gardens Beautiful”

Here at Natural Timber Lawn Care, we have the resources, equipment and experience it takes to make sure that all your lawn care jobs are done right the first time – every time.

Whether you have the steepest estate in your neighborhood or the largest commercial property in the county — we can help!

At Natural Timber Lawn Care, our goal is to provide you with the best lawn care and outdoor maintenance services in Western North Carolina.

We will work hard to make you happy. That’s why we have so many long term customers. We invite you to talk to us today and you’ll soon experience the best lawn care service in Asheville at a fair price.

Professional Lawn Maintenance Services

Professional Lawn Maintenance Services - weedeating

We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our clients to know that we are there for you and are able to help you build the dream garden or landscape that you have always wanted for your property.

We know how time consuming it is to mow and care for your lawn and we understand how some people just don’t have the time (or energy) to keep up with their yards and give them the manicured look it deserves.

We take pride in providing our clients eye-catching results with every fresh cut.

Regardless of how big your yard, garden or property is, we will consider you a client for life. You can count on the same friendly, dedicated team taking care of your property time and time again.

Our Most Popular Lawn Care Programs:

Lawn Care & Mowing

String Trimming & Edging

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Leaf Removal & Debris Clean-Up

Bush Hogging Service 

Tree & Brush Removal (Wood Lot Care)


“Still Putting it Off?”

Taking proper care of your lawn and gardens can quickly add value to your home and property.

Keeping up a great-looking front yard or lawn doesn’t  mean you have to do all the mowing, trimming, maintenance on your own.

Natural Timber Lawn Care can extend your home’s outdoor living spaces by helping you maintain a beautiful garden, you can be proud of….


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Professional Lawn Maintenance Services for Large Home, Estate & Commercial Property Owners

“The Natural Timber Lawn Care Difference”

Natural Timber Lawn Care is a locally owned Asheville lawn maintenance company, based in Fairview, NC.  We specialize in large residential and commercial lawn maintenance services, and some landscape construction projects.

Natural Timber Lawn Care has been in operation for over 10 years, serving Asheville and the neighboring Western North Carolina communities of Avery Creek, Bent Creek, Biltmore Forest, Biltmore Lake, Royal Pines, Swannanoa, Woodfin, Weaverville, and of course Fairview, NC.

We take pride in the work we do and have worked hard to earn a reputation for quality service and beautiful results. We try to make sure every lawn and maintenance project is done right and done in a timely manner.

We invite you to call us at (828) 230 -1165, or go here to contact us for a no-charge quote you can bank on.