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Affordable Lawn Maintenace & Mowing Services for Large Lawns & Estates Asheville NC

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lawn care for large lawns and commercial properties

Natural Timber  Lawn Care’s lawn care and yard maintenance programs can be structured to include weekly visits of mowing, weeding, tree and shrub pruning, and clean-up, as well as providing your property with a specialized fertilization program.

Regardless of the size of your yard, garden or property, we consider you a client for life. You can count on the same friendly, dedicated team taking care of your property time and time again.

Our Most Popular Lawn Care Programs:

Lawn Care & Mowing

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We know how time consuming it is to mow your lawn and we understand how some people don’t have the time to keep up with their yards. the manicured look it deserves. We take pride in giving our clients eye-catching results with every fresh cut.

String Trimming & Edging

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Tired of weed-eating? Let Natural Timber Lawn Care handle it! A professional grade string trimmer in the hands of an expert can make short work of those pesky areas in your lawn or on your property that mowers just can’t handle.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

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We know how time consuming properly pruning your plants can be. Our maintenance crew foremen go through extensive training to know which plants to prune, when and how. Let Natural Timber Lawn Care care for your plants with our professional equipment and experience.

Leaf Removal & Yard Debris Clean-Up

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Picking up leaves and debris isn’t just for fall. Our maintenance crews remove your sticks, pine cones, and any other trash every visit. Natural Timber Lawn Care leaf mowers will make short work of even the worst fall loads.

Bush Hogging & Finish Mowing

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Our maintenance crew is outfitted with the professional equipment they need to give your overgrown yard, meadow or field. We use state of the art Walker Mowers that provide a nice clean cut and make your yard look wonderful.

Tree & Brush Removal (Wood Lot Care)

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Our crew can keep your property’s large cultivated landscapes and wood lots clear from unsightly underbrush, overgrown trees and out-of-control shrubs and those fast-growing vines Western North Carolina is famous for. We offer a quick and effective stump grinding service as well.

Rough & Finish Grading

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Rough grading is the first step toward growing a beautiful lawn and garden. Creating the proper grade (angle of the land) and drainage is critical to prevent water damage to your yard and home.

Slope Erosion Control

A slope in your yard or landscape can separate your home from a busy road or street and can provide you will additional privacy and quiet. But eventually any slope that has not been properly maintained and cared become very difficult (and even dangerous) to mow.

Hard Surface & Bed Edging

Edging is what gives your lawn the crisp and clean lines along your driveway, sidewalk, and beds. Let us put down

Mulch Replenishment

Planting bed mulch is an important addition to any landscape. Mulch holds water for the plants to draw from, assists in keeping weeds at bay, and dramatically improves the visual appeal of any property.

Our Other Yard & Lawn Maintenance Services Include:

Fertilizer & Pest Control Application

In order to keep your lawn as thick, green, and healthy as possible, you need fertilize it a minimum of twice a year – more, if you can.  The type of grass you have will determine which kind of fertilizer or pest control product is best for your lawn.

And grass type will also determine how often you need to spread and apply fertilizers in order to create that lush green color we all love to see.  As there are many different types of grass, and people often “mix and match” grass seeds during the lifecycle of a lawn, it’s best to consult with a lawn care professional if you’re not sure about your grass care needs.


Aeration and seeding is vital to keeping your lawn strong and healthy. Aerating also reduces compaction of your soil. This allows turf roots to grow deeper into the soil, encouraging a strong root system. Natural Timber Lawn Care strongly recommends performing this task annually. We use professional aerators that remove cores from the ground, increasing air flow, water and nutrients to the grass roots.


Hydroseeding is a lawn planting process that uses a slurry of water, grass seed and mulch. The grass seed slurry is premixed in a tank, and then sprayed over the prepared ground. Hydroseeding is the modern alternative to the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed by hand. It is a quick and effective way to reseed a larger than average lawn or bare ground from new construction.

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