String Trimming & Edging


String Trimming & Edging

Residential & Commercial

It seems like string trimming or weeding your grass evenly should be simple — but just when you try to hover the string trimmer above the grass, you either never whack off enough or else you chop it down to ground – causing uneven “mohawk” tuffs or brown, dying spots all over your yard.

To turn an unruly string trimming tool into a precision cutting machine requires some professional level techniques along with the right equipment.

We here are Natural Timber Lawn Care use three methods of string trimming to safely tame your lawn – while saving your flowers, shrubs and planting beds.

Tapering: This means that we cut your grass at a slight angle to fit the contours of the slope.

Edging: Is Where we turn the trimmer so the string is vertical then slowly walk the tool along the edges of your pathways, driveways and any planting beds, retaining walls or fences.

Scything: This method removes grass and weeds growing in driveways, stepping stones, and sidewalk cracks and footpaths.

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