About Us


The Natural Timber Difference

Natural Timber Lawn Care has been built on a very firm foundation of strong Western North Carolina values and is structured for your success.

This success has resulted in some of the most, well-cared for landscapes found in Western North Carolina.

We have been in business for over ten years now, and look forward to many more years of continued success and satisfied clients. We offer a wide variety of services, catering to the clients who really do care about the overall aesthetics and value of their properties.

We have invested in our equipment to ensure that the lawns we care for and maintain will fit the individual lifestyle of our clients, satisfying their every need.

We are known for our honesty, quality work and reliability. We take our reputation seriously – which means we work hard to build and keep a strong relationship with all our clients!

What We Do

Our job is to increase the value of your property and develop an outdoor environment – as you envision it – so that you and your family will have a wonderful place to play, relax and enjoy for years to come.

Where We Come From

Natural Timber Lawn Care like many companies started out with some simple hand tools and “borrowed” lawn equipment.

Our co-owner, Chase Jenkins would often use equipment the home owner had to mow their lawns or lug his own small mower from house to house.

Chase did this every summer for years until he had built up a solid list of satisfied clients.

After managing to save up enough, Chase was able to go out and purchase his own landscaping and lawn equipment – piece by piece, in order to give the services he offers today.

Chase owns all the lawn care equipment you see below and he now works with a trusted crew of experienced yardmen (including his father Richard).


Where We’re Going

Chase has joined forces with his father Richard to expand their business to car for large residential and commercial properties.

Yet Natural Timber Lawn Care continues to be the same caring company it was when it started.  A company dedicated to its customers with a strong passion for the outdoor environment and enhancing your property’s value.

The Natural Timber Lawn Care crew are some of the friendliest, hard-working and dedicated people you can find in the Western North Carolina area.

Got Questions?

We invite you call us (828.230.1165) you can contact us online to schedule a free, no obligation consultation here using our easy > email form