Why Hire Us?

Asheville lawn care services

Why Should You Hire Us?

The Natural Timber Lawn Care Difference

We realize there many choices out there when it comes to selecting a contractor to work with your outdoor maintenance. Some mow grass, others install mulch, some install water features, while others construct outdoor living areas.

There are many good companies out there that do good onsite work. Most have different motives than ours, however.

Our job is to increase the value of your property, establish your outdoor area to its full potential as you envision it, and to most importantly build a strong relationship with you as a client.

Many of our competitors view you as “side money,”. Just a quick job to be completed, and once it’s done, it’s on to the next yard.

You may have invested a lot of time and money with these contractors, but they are often just not available when you need them or when you call.

They are either fly-by-night businesses or “summer-only” operations that come and go..

That is the difference between Natural Timber Lawn Care and the “average mowing guy” or “lawn maintenance company”.

It is our job to help you keep your lawn looking great so that reaches its maximum potential and increases your property’s “curb appeal”.

Your Lawn & Garden’s Curb Appeal Matters

Quality Landscaping Can Increase Property Values

According to an article at the Appraisal Institute, the global professional association for real estate appraisers:

“A major component of curb appeal is landscaping. Landscaping accounts for 85 percent of what a potential buyer will see when they survey the outside of a home.”

Real estate appraiser Frank Lucco goes on to say, “What happens is we’re asked to do an appraisal. If the house is existing you start comparing those [local] properties, and you look at their landscaping relative to your properties.

If the landscaping is terrible, the grass is dead and the shrubs are 1970s vintage … you have to compare.  You have to see if it’s inferior to everything else or superior to everything else. That’s when the appraiser would typically adjust. Otherwise, it’s baked into the selling price,”

So as you see, your landscaping and lawn can either increase or decrease the value of your home.

So whether you have a small project or a BIG one, once we work with you, we view you as a true client for life – not just as ‘side-money’.

You can count on us being there for you. We promise to be the same friendly, dedicated lawn care team servicing your property time and time again.

If you have any questions about our Asheville lawn care services, call us at 828.230.1165.